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Volume 21 (2016)

Number :1

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   Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science (ISSN 1394-6234)   Volume 21 No 1 - 2016
Evolving strategies of the predatory journals
Author(s): Alexandru-Ionuţ Petrişor

Continuance intention of using e-book among higher education students
Author(s): I. Tri-Agif, A. Noorhidawati, S. Ghazal Ghalebandi

Combating problems related to library software in higher education institutions of Pakistan: An analysis of focus groups
Author(s): Nadeem Siddique, Khalid Mahmood

Information literacy through resource-based learning: Malaysian teachers’ conception and instructional practices
Author(s): Halida Yu, Abrizah Abdullah , Mad Khir Johari Abdullah Sani

Structural assessment of Iranian scholarly journals
Author(s): Mohammad Reza Ghane

China's scientific footprint in the global HIV/AIDS research: Productivity, impact and collaboration
Author(s): Ping Liu, Xiangming Mu, Hao Xie

Practices leading to information literacy development among Nigerian undergraduates
Author(s): Iliasu Jinadu, K. Kiran