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Volume 20 (2015)

Number :1

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   Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science (ISSN 1394-6234)   Volume 20 No 1 - 2015
Aggregating digital resources in an e-learning platform: A case study of a Malaysian public university's compliance with copyright
Author(s): Tay Pek San

Applying FRBR model to bibliographic works on Al-Quran
Author(s): Yushiana Mansor, Sharifah Nur Amirah Sarif Abdullah

Integration of SHERPA/RoMEO in institutional digital repositories to address the uncertainty of copyright
Author(s): A.Repanovici, I.M.Barsan

Do first rate scientists work at first rate organizations?
Author(s): Bo Yang, Ronald Rousseau , Shuiqing Huang, Sulan Yan

A user study on the information search behaviour of medical students
Author(s): Anushia Inthiran, Saadat M.Alhashmi, Pervaiz K.Ahmed

Examining school librarians’ readiness for information literacy education implementation
Author(s): Tan Shyh-Mee, K. Kiran, Singh Diljit

Is the information fit for use? Exploring teachers perceived information quality indicators for Farsi web-based learning resources
Author(s): Faegheh Mohammadi , Abrizah Abdullah , Maryam Nazari