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Volume 19 (2014)

Number :1

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   Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science (ISSN 1394-6234)   Volume 19 No 1 - 2014
A progress on the shifted power function for modeling informetric laws
Author(s): Fred Y. Ye
Category(s): Informetrics

A basic indicator for relative contributions and a remarkable difference between a ratio of averages
Author(s): L.Egghe, Ronald Rousseau
Category(s): Scientometrics

Measuring journal diffusion using periodic citation counts
Author(s): S. A. Sanni , Zainab Awang Ngah , R.G. Raj, Abrizah Abdullah
Category(s): Bibliometrics, Citation Studies, Journal Studies

Features of scientific papers and the relationships with their citation impact
Author(s): Tian Yu, Guang Yu
Category(s): Citation Studies, Scientometrics

Analyzing Taiwan’s patenting performance: Comparing US patents and triadic patent families
Author(s): Dar-Zen Chen , Wei-Tzu Huang, Mu-Hsuang Huang
Category(s): Performance Measurement & Evaluation

Mapping research trends in the field of knowledge management
Author(s): Mehri Sedighi, Ammar Jalalimanesh
Category(s): Knowledge management, Scientometrics

Visualizing and mapping the research on patents in information science and management science
Author(s): Liu Gui-Feng, Sun Hua-Ping, Song Xin-Ping
Category(s): Performance Measurement & Evaluation, Scientometrics