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Volume 23 (2018)

Number :1

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   Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science (ISSN 1394-6234)   Volume 23 No 1 - 2018
Developing information literacy skills of the 6th grade students using the Big 6 model
Author(s): Fatima Baji, Zahed Bigdeli, Abdullah Parsa, Carole Haeusler

UTAUT’S performance consistency: Empirical evidence from a library management system
Author(s): A.M. Zainab, K. Kiran, N.H.A Karim, M.Sukmawati

Structures and patterns of information flow among Chinese-language Library and Information Science journals
Author(s): Ya-Ning Chen

Does the superior position of countries in co-authorship networks lead to their high citation performance
Author(s): Ali Sadatmoosavi, Fateme Nooshinfard, Nadjla Hariri, Sedighe Mohammad Esmaeil

The relationship between SCI editorial board representation and university research output in the field of computer science: A quantile regression approach
Author(s): Xing Wang

3I index: A new method to examine the competitiveness of countries’ international publication productivity
Author(s): Feng Wu, Gordana Djurovic

Hibernators, their awakeners and the roles of subsequent authoritative citers
Author(s): Xiaojun Hu, Xiaoyue Hu, Yuning Zhang, Ronald Rousseau