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Article Information
Title A Comparison of the Severity of Malocclusion Between Two Centres in the United Kingdom and Malaysia: A Preliminary Investigation
Author(s) Sarah H.A. Ghani, S. Sundralingam
Journal Annals of Dentistry (ISSN 0128-7532)
Volume 2, No 1
Year 1995
Keywords lOTN, dental health and aesthetic component.
Abstract The preliminary investigation was carried out to assess the severity of malocclusion between two centres, the dental schools in Leeds, United Kingdom and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A total of 99 study models were analysed using the Index ofOrthodontic Treatment Need (lOIN). Thestudy models were ofpatients aged 8to 15years, equally distributed between male and female patients taken from the undergraduate and staff clinics. Forty nine and fifty study models were analysed at the Leeds Dental School and FacultyofDentistry,University ofMalaya,respectively.Fromthisobservation, it appeared that the sample of patients treated at the Faculty of Dentistry, Kuala Lumpur presented approximately 25%higher with casesin the severe end of the malocclusion based on the dental health component and almost 70%more with the aesthetic component. Factors contributing to this finding are discussed;
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