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Article Information

Article Information
Title Introducing Maklum - The General Reference Expert Adviser Developed For A University Library
Author(s) Zainab Awang Ngah , Mohd. Zaid Nor Eliza
Journal Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science (ISSN 1394-6234)
Volume 1, No 1
Year 1996
Keywords Expert systems, Reference services, Reference enquiries, Academic libraries, Automated Adviser, MAKLUM, CRYSTAL 4.50, General enquiries, Library services
Abstract Describes the development of a standalone expert system called MAKLUM which aims to provide answers to general reference enquiries relating to library facilities, services, regulations, loans, membership, location of items, public amenities, etc. The Adviser is developed for the main library of the University of Malaya using the expert system shell, CRYSTAL 4.50. The system can run from any personal computer with DOS. Fifteen undergraduates tested the system of which 73% rated the Adviser as very good, excellent, and 84% liked most the system's ease of use and its user interface. Information about library services, facilities, borrowings and reference privileges are the mostly sought after by the undergraduates.
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