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Article Information

Article Information
Title Student Attitude Towards Problem-Based Learning in Management Accounting
Author(s) Tho Lai Mooi , Ng Kok Thye , Ahmad Zahiruddin
Journal Journal of Problem-Based Learning
Volume 1, No 1
Year 2003
Keywords PBL; Problem-based learning; Accounting; Management accounting; Student attitudes; Examination performance
Abstract This paper examines students’ attitudes towards PBL, an instructional method used for the first time in the accounting programme at the University of Malaya. The findings showed that in general students in the management accounting courses are positive towards PBL. Though male students evaluated PBL more positively than female students, the differences are not statistically significant. On the whole, students who have experienced PBL in other courses, and those in the high academic ability group indicated less favourable attitude towards PBL. Analysis of correlation between examination performance and attitude towards PBL yield weak results, though as a whole those who are more positive towards PBL performed better. Though exploratory, the findings are expected to provide inputs to fine tune the implementation of PBL at the Faculty and contribute to the scarce Malaysian literature. More accounting educators will be exposed to this interactive and constructive approach which has become increasingly more accepted as a student centred teaching and learning instructional method. Finally, the results support arguments for relatively more resources be allocated to problem based learning teaching approaches which are more labour intensive than the conventional lecture based method.
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